Trump Claims President Obama Is Behind The Leaks

Image From New York Post
Image From New York Post

Trump Claims President Obama Is Behind The Leaks

The Trump administration has faced many leaks, and Donald Trump has said that he believes that Obama is behind these leaks. Trump also added that he believes that the angry town halls for Republicans are also Obama’s actions.

On “Fox And Friends” Trump was asked this question: “It turns out his organization seems to do a lot of these organizing to some of the protests that these Republicans are seeing around the country against you. Do you believe President Obama is behind it and if he is, is that a violation of the so-called unsaid presidents’ code?”

Trump responded: “No, I think he is behind it. I also think it is politics, that’s the way it is.”

“You never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes. You know, you’re probably right or possibly right, but you never know,” “No, I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it. And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, which are really serious because they are very bad in terms of national security. But I also understand that is politics. In terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.”

President Trump did not offer any actual evidence as to whether Obama is the one leading all of these actions that are going on.

Donald Trump has been the victim of many leaks during his time as President of the United States, and it seems that President Trump is trying to find out where the leaks are coming from, and who may be behind it. Trump claims that Obama is behind all of the leaks happening, but so far there is no evidence to prove so far that he is behind the leaks.

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