GRAHAM: Special Prosecutor Needed For Trump & Russia To Substitute Jeff Sessions

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Senator Lindsey Graham has stated that if there is evidence found by the FBI that there were connections between Trump and Russia, Attorney General Jeff Sessions should step aside and that a special prosecutor should be hired to take his place.

Senator Lindsey Graham is one of the Republicans who is on the side of the likes of John McCain who are for a bi-partisan investigation into connections between President Donald Trump and Russia.

During at a CNN town hall Senator Lindsey Graham said: “If there is something there, and it goes up the chain of investigation, it is clear to me, that Jeff Sessions, who is my dear friend, cannot make this decision about Trump.” Clearly it is hard for Senator Lindsey Graham to say that he wants to undermine the position of Attorney General Jeff Sessions as he is a fellow Republican, but clearly he values America over Russia whether it requires bi-partisanship or not.

He also continued by stating: “There may be nothing there,” “But if there is something there, that the FBI believes is criminal in nature, then for sure you need a special prosecutor.” The Senator is clearly skeptical of the ability of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prosecute Donald Trump in case of evidence of found that there was communication between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Graham continued explaining his position that America comes before Russia and bi-partisanship: “If there were contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, they may be legitimate; they may be OK. I want to know what happened between the Trump campaign, the Clinton campaign and the Russians,”

Regardless of the fact that Senator Lindsey Graham and John McCain are both Republicans, they see that it is more important to make sure that America is not being controlled by Russia.

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